Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My first post as a blogger.. :)

Today.. suddenly i feels i want to create a blog. Thanks to my friend, Arif for helping me to build this blog. I learn how to design and manage my blog well. There are many others things that i need to discover to make sure my blog will give a benefits to others. In writting we need to have the missions. It is for make sure we are not wrote a statement that will brings us to the "hell" (hehehe)... One others things, at my blog i will try to wrote in English. It is for my practice to improve my English.. I know it will have many mistakes but i trust my self... and... i 
believes the mistake will be a good teacher for me to success later on...hehehe... Now, blogging will be my 
additional activities in my free time.. before i end my post i want to inform that i will tell a story about my happy family on my next post.. Insyaallah~ have a nice day everybody... :)